Does this sound familiar?  You have a big day planned and start off with lots of energy.  After spending some time in your home office, you find you need frequent breaks just to keep going.   Your motivation and energy are just gone.

Lately this was happening to me a lot.  After several weeks, I finally checked the energy level of my  office with my dowsing rods.  It was a negative 5!  I’ve cleared my whole house, and it normally reads as a positive 20.  I checked for geopathic stress and found 3 lines in my office.  After clearing them, the energy went back up.

I checked the rest of the house.  On the north side, several geopathic stress lines were found.  What was going on?

Here in Texas, May, June and early July were unusually rainy months.  We also have a lot of clay and sandy areas in the soil along with underground springs.  The large amount of rain caused a shift in the soil which created  more geopathic stress lines on the north side of my house.

Taking care of stress lines is like mending the house.  Things happen.  You take clothes to your seamstress or tailor to be altered or repaired.  The same care should be given to the subtle energy of your house or office.

How do you know if your house needs some dowsing?  Are there certain rooms you tend to avoid or where you feel lethargic or you just feel down?  Are you sleeping well?  Do you have more allergies?  Do appliances break down often?  Are your plants sickly?  Are there a lot of arguments in the house?  These are clues that you’re being affected by negative energies from the earth.

A stitch in time saves nine means it’s better to take care of things now rather than put it off till later, when things could get worse and take longer to deal with.

Geopathic stress is harmful to the body.  If you only have one room of your house cured, it should be your bedroom where you could be subject to geopathic stress for 8 hours a night, day after day.  Along with affecting your sleep, the stress on your body can lead to illness in the long run.

For a quick reading to assess the energy of your house, contact me at

Find out what the total energy of your house is.  You want it to be at least a positive 11.  Distance dowsing is available.I recently visited my brother who just moved into a new house in the Hill country of Texas.  I checked the energy level of his home and was amazed to find it was a positive 20!  As I walked around, I discovered not just 1, but 2 positive vortexes!  That is such a rare find!  It was like being in Sedona, AZ.If your home has negative vortexes like mine did, they can be changed to positive vortexes and totally transform the energy!  Feel better, sleep better and have more harmonious relationships.

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