Kay has an unrelenting passion for empowering others to overcome self-limiting patterns and beliefs so they can experience life with more joy, ease and grace!

Kay discovered her gift for bringing out the best in people while working as a personal trainer and later as a master pilates instructor opening my own studio.

She has an intuitive ability to read faces and relate to different types of clients eventually led her to branch out from a health and fitness coach into a wellness, energy and transformation expert.   Having studied Body Mind Analysis and Psychosomatic Therapy with founder, Hermann Mueller, Kay incorporates face reading, body analysis and hand reading to accurately assess her clients.

Her journey to health has been fueled by studying with Marie Diamond, Global transformation leader featured in the film “The Secret.”  After curing her  own home with Diamond Dowsing and Space Clearing, she noticed a huge improvement in sleeping and more energy.

However, all this knowledge did nothing to clear up the severe osteoarthritis that had developed in Kay’s shoulders. After being introduced to a ThetaHealer, within 2 sessions 90% of the pain was gone! Today, she is a certified ThetaHealing practitioner.

Her greatest joy is to create a space of compassion and unconditional love for people to get back to “self love” and manifest what they truly desire.

Other certifications along the way include Diamond Healing Dowsing, Donna Eden Energy Medicine Level 1, Bio Energy Healing and Metabolic Typing Nutrition.

Here are a few things that Kay will help you with:

  1. Clear old programs or negative beliefs that no longer serve you.
  2. Instill beliefs and programs that benefit and empower you
  3. Release physical pain
  4. Heal disease or illness
  5. Manifest what you truly desire

“I want people to feel they matter and to let go of the struggle.  Life is meant to be joyful!  If you’re ready to give your body a taste of the future…”

“I’m what you would call a “seeker.” All my life, I’ve sought after truths that are beyond mainstream. ”

Kay’s family called her a Health Nut because she has always been fascinated with the human body and nutrition.

After getting married and having a family, Kay decided to follow her passion once the kids were older. She became a personal trainer, certified by the American College of Sports Medicine.  Kay was also certified as a Johnny G Spinning instructor. An old knee injury required ACL reconstructive surgery and months of healing. That’s when she discovered and fell in love with Pilates.

Kay obtained all the certifications that she could with the PhysicaMind Institute of NY. And then went on to get fully certified by Stott International based out of Toronto, Canada. Kay opened the first pilates studio in my area. Her specialty became helping with injuries and special populations. She is certified in Zenga, a fascia release technique offered by Stott Pilates.

Kay is also certified in Osteo-Pilates to help those with osteoporosis.

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