5G internet, dirty electricity, fluctuations in the Earth’s electromagnetic field, geopathic stress caused by fault lines and underground springs along with adjoining soils like caliche and soft dirt like we have here in Texas…..

There’s one solution for resolving all these energy disturbances.  The ancient art of Dowsing.


13 years ago,  I was seeking answers to a lot  of health issues that developed after moving to Texas.  After spending thousands on alternative care:  Naturopaths, acupuncturists, Bowen therapists, Chakra clearing and the like, I was guided to the world of dowsing.  My health had been declining ever since we moved into our current house in 2000.  I still ate healthy and exercised.  The only thing that changed was our living space.

I found out that these unseen negative energies can affect you slowly over time.  In  2010, when I started on this path of natural healing, I had no idea it would bring me to getting certified as a Master Dowser.

It’s important to clear wherever you spend a lot of time, especially the bedroom.  I had been sleeping over geopathic stress lines.  Add to that, my upper body had been laying right over the cross points of  Hartmann/Curry lines, which are caused by electrical currents in houses.  This  creates an especially negative energy field.  Interesting that I had developed severe arthritis in my shoulders which were in this area.  

After clearing my space, I immediately slept better. It takes time for the body to come back into balance after removing the source of stress.  I’m happy to say my shoulders are now free of arthritis and some other health complaints have cleared up as well.  Clearing my space made all my other health regimens so much more effective.  If you don’t clear the stress first, it’s like filling a bucket with fresh water when there’s a hole in the bottom.  All the therapies in the world won’t be able to overcome the constant stress you’re living in. 


Every environment is different.  I resolve the most pressing issue first.  Often, that can be a negative energy vortex.    An energy vortex is a spiraling force of energy in the earth.  It can be positive or negative.  Positive vortexes are found in places like Sedona, Stonehenge, the Egyptian pyramids and throughout the world. They spin clockwise and have an upward movement..

A negative vortex spins counterclockwise in a downward motion and creates a draining energy.  Sleeping over one can deplete your energy and also dehydrate you.  Over the years, this can affect your health in a negative way.  

A recent client noticed always feeling off in her bedroom, especially her stomach.   I cleared two large negative vortexes in her bedroom; one directly under her bed. The vortex happened to be situated right beneath her stomach area while sleeping.   She noticed an immediate improvement in her sleep and said she loves going to sleep now.  Her digestion will continue to improve as her body is no longer dealing with the stress.

I also removed “Spirit forms” from the house and cleared her antiques of emotional and mental energies.  Wandering spirits are the energy of people who were not able to transfer to the next dimension after death.  For whatever reason, they remain stuck.  Negative vortexes tend to attract them.  

I find helping these energy forms move to the light to be important healing work, both for the property and for the souls to whom those forms were once connected. 

Often people purchase antiques or other treasures that were previously owned.  I clear any negative imprints from these items as well so you’re not affected by them.  

Distance Dowsing

If you live at a distance from me, I use telepathic energy to clear your space. My daughter called the other day and said, “I think I have a spirit in my house.  Can you please check?”

I used my dowsing rods and saw there was a negative vortex in her bedroom at the foot of the bed.  She also had one spirit.  I cleared them for her and told her where the vortex had been.

She said, “Wow, you’re amazing!  That’s exactly where I saw the spirit.”

Scheduling a consultation is easy.  Just contact me at  

If you’re a little curious about the energy of your home, I can provide you with the overall assessment of your property, whether positive or negative and to what degree, for just $25.

Get on the path to improved health, more success and better relationships by removing the blockages in your environment.

Wishing you a happy, healthy home,

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