Discover the secret nature of your home. There’s more going on behind the scenes than you realize…

Subtle energies of the earth are not something most people are aware of. Yet these energies have a definite impact on your life, health and behavior.

After moving into our current home, I had a gradual decrease in vitality and wellbeing over the years. Most people would say, that’s just part of the aging process. I knew better. My friends were not getting sick more often, or developing arthritis or numerous other issues I was having.

Then I started to notice how much better I would feel when being gone on vacation. Returning home, the aches and pains would come back. I thought I was just stressed about getting back to work, although I love my work. Then a friend introduced me to some new dowsing rods she had gotten. I was intrigued with the accuracy of them when asking questions that I already knew the answers to. Intuitively I signed up to get certified as a dowser, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Immediately my sleep improved. My husband and I got along much better.

The refrigerator stopped making a loud popping noise. And for someone like me who never had a green thumb, the house plants began to flourish. So much so, people started asking what I was doing for them. Yes, plants are also affected by the earth’s energies.

The main energy stressing my home was geopathic stress. Scientific studies have measured the negative physical effects on the body from geopathic stress. They found that geopathic stress decreases the body’s ability to handle toxins, including lead and heavy metals. It can also deplete your body of potassium, calcium and serotonin, disrupting the electrical signalling between the brain and body. Sleeping over one of these electromagnetic lines can cause sleeplessness, illness, emotional disturbance, ailments, cancer and infertility.

Other stressful energies include Interference Lines caused by electromagnetic energy created by human technology. Interference Lines can lead to a number of issues; lack of romance, poor finances, depression. I even found interference lines in my house for COVID-19 and cured them.

Personal Zones are basically interference lines that affect you personally. Each person in a house will have personal zones unique to them, even pets. You might have more allergy symptoms in these areas. Or you may feel like avoiding these areas.

Hartmann and Curry Lines are located in a grid formation. Before electricity they were harmless. When these lines connect with an electrical source inside buildings, they turn detrimental. The cross point of a negative Curry line with a negative Hartmann line creates an especially negative energy field. I had a cross point at the upper right corner of my bed where I sleep. I sleep on my back. Interesting that I developed severe arthritis in my right shoulder.

The most powerful energies are Vortexes created by Ley Lines. Think of ley lines as meridians connecting acupuncture points on Earth, similar to the acupuncture meridians in our body. There are two types of vortexes– positive and negative.

Positive vortexes are created where ley lines intersect at a perfect 90-degree angle. The energy spirals upward in a clockwise direction and is thought of as a place where Heaven meets Earth. This energy is good when meditating, working, practicing yoga or qigong.

Negative vortexes spiral downward in a counterclockwise motion and create a draining or depleting energy. Negative vortexes can also cause a lot of clutter and chaos where they are located.

Consider yourself very lucky if you have a positive vortex in your home. I have only found one home with a positive vortex. The woman told me the room with the positive vortex was where she liked to spend most of her time while recovering from knee surgery.

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