More and more people are selling homes and buying homes than ever before.  It’s a necessity to have a home inspection done before finalizing a deal on a home.  You want to make sure you don’t have any surprises that would become a homeowner’s nightmare leading to very expensive  repairs.

This blog is about the things you can’t see.

A while back, a mother wanted me to clear her house. Ever since they moved into a new home, their 2 year old son had been sick.  She intuitively knew something was not right.  He had been so healthy and active at their previous home.  

Her husband kept saying it was normal for him to be sick when kids are in pre-school around other kids.  That he would outgrow it, and to just ride it out.  

Month after month went by with no improvement in the son’s health.  He was sick all the time.  He had a hard time sleeping.  And the happy, energetic boy he used to be was no longer.  Out of desperation, the mom, who was also a nurse, called me for help.

Sometimes people think only very old houses need clearing.  This house was only 5 years old.  When I checked the energy of it, the level was a negative 11.  You want to have at least a positive 11.  

The first thing I noticed was a large negative vortex on the bottom floor in the formal dining room.  The son’s bedroom was right above it.  Any floor above a negative vortex will have double the negative effect.  Also, his bed was situated right over the vortex.  

What is a vortex?  There can be negative vortexes and positive vortexes. 

A negative vortex is created by negative ley lines that intersect each other in the earth.

A negative vortex will intensify the beta frequency, which tends to get our brains wired and running on overdrive.  Trying to relax into an alpha state and eventually into Theta for sleep is difficult, to say the least.

When spending time in the area of a negative vortex, physically you may feel drained with a lack of energy, uneasiness, or achy in the head, neck and back.  Sleeping in this negative energy over time can result in illnesses.  It’s like being exposed to toxins day in and day out.  Your body starts to break down.

If you notice frequent arguments or a feeling of uneasiness in certain rooms, like the den or kitchen, it could be from a negative vortex in that area.Upon clearing the house with the 2 year old son, the energy of the house immediately went up to a positive 11.  The mom later informed me that her son was finally sleeping and back to his energetic self, and not missing pre-school anymore.  She also admitted that she and her husband were sleeping much better and she was now motivated to finish unpacking the boxes that had been sitting in her bedroom for months.

When you’re living in a house with stress day after day, whether it’s from negative vortexes, geopathic stress, negative Hartmann/ negative Curry lines, etc., people start thinking that how they’re feeling is normal.

It’s NOT normal.  You’re supposed to feel good, especially in the comfort of your own home.

I have also turned negative vortexes into  positive vortexes, which has a tremendously positive effect on the entire house.  The higher the vibration of your home, the higher Your vibration, and the more you attract good things to you.  More abundance, more clients, better health, and better romance.

Distance is not an issue.  I have several long distance clients.

If you’re concerned about the energy of your home, contact me for a quick energy assessment.  Know your home’s “energy level.”  For those who are already clients, this is a free assessment.  It’s good to have a regular check-up for your home.

If this is all new to you, and you’re curious about your home’s energy level, the quick assessment is $25.

You no longer have to live with the stress, negativity  or lack of sleep.

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