House Clearing


Your home should be your sanctuary; a place where you can relax and recuperate.


Or is it a place that makes you sick, depressed or lethargic?


As an expert in the holistic field, I focused on balancing the muscular system,  customizing nutrition programs for individual body types, lengthening tight fascia, clearing emotions, releasing blockages in the different meridians of the body, as well as clearing blockages in the auric field.  I eventually came to realize how energetic blockages in our environment can override all our best efforts to be healthy.

As a certified dowser, I am able to locate and neutralize all kinds of stress lines coming from the earth into your home or office.  The main stress I look for is Geopathic stress.  ‘Geo’ means ‘Earth’ and ‘Pathic’ means ‘suffering’.  Many geopathic stress lines can be created due to underground water or fault lines.  If your bedroom, where you sleep for 8 hours a night, is over any of these stress lines, it’s an uphill battle for your immune system.

You could be exercising, eating right and going to bed at a reasonable hour, and wonder why you get sick so often, why you feel tired, or why you don’t sleep well.

Have you noticed any cracks in the sidewalk or driveway of your house?  Or maybe you’ve noticed a crack in a window for no reason.  The reason is geopathic stress.  If it can actually crack a window or pavement, what kind of effect do you think it has on your body?

Geopathic stress is found in every home and business.  Sleeping, working or living over such energies day after day will lead to health problems.

Here are signs of Geopathic Stress

  • You or family members have never felt right or have had numerous illnesses after moving into a new home.
  • Insomnia, teeth grinding at night, night sweats, restless sleep.
  • Children that are afraid of the dark or refuse to sleep in their room.
  • Mechanical and electrical break-downs of appliances multiple times
  • Anxiety or nervousness for no reason
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Sudden dread when walking into a room.
  • Depression, lack of motivation, unexplained sadness.
  • Dead spots in the yard or hedges.
  • Ants in your home or office.
  • Cracks in foundations, sidewalks and driveways.
  • Stunted, sickly trees or shrubs
  • Excessive mold or mildew
  • Hornet and wasp nests
  • Burrowing animals on property

Are you ready to experience a happier home or office that will dramatically improve your health?


When I heard that Kay was using a technique called dousing to evaluate and clear energies from your home I was immediately interested! I am highly sensitive to the invisible vibrational energies around me and had begun to wonder what was happening in my home. I would experience different feelings in different areas of my house.

What Kay found was that there were several areas that had negative vortex energies, and they were right in the areas I would feel anxious! The fun thing about this is that she also found a very large positive vortex in one of my bedrooms, and I shared with her that was my favorite room in the house!

After the copper rings and copper rods were placed I could feel a wonderful difference!

Lisa Womack

Working with Kay is always fun, interesting, and usually very eventful!   I have worked with Kay on a variety of topics, but clearing the energy blocks  in my home with dousing rods was by far the most informational and beneficial.

We went room by room looking for “problem spots” and correcting them. We then went back with the color wheel and added additional rods for each rooms occupant.   I can’t wait to see what changes occur, now that we have eliminated stagnant areas.

Kay is a life time student…and is always happy to share her knowledge and expertise with anyone, and everyone.

I highly recommend her and her company. 

Susan D,

Colleyville, TX

I love my home and I want it to be a peaceful place for rest and relaxation – a refuge from this crazy busy world.  For over 10 years, there was a place in my home that felt uncomfortable to all who lived there.  It was just an unexplainable uneasiness which made it an area that everyone avoided.  When I found out that Kay was trained in dousing and that it could transform negative energy to abundant positive energy,

I was super excited to try it!  I learned so much about the dowsing rods and how the different energy lines of the earth can affect our sleep within our home.  Negative energy and stress in our home was zapping our energy, creativity, and motivation more than I had realized.  Kay resolved the issue within the area of our home that brought uneasiness. This has made all the difference with our family. I’ve seen amazing results within our home.  First, it is so quiet and peaceful at night.  Everyone sleeps much better.  All areas of my home now feel calm and peaceful.  We’ve been inspired and motivated to deep clean the house and get rid of a bunch of stuff that we don’t need.  We’ve also cleaned up some unhealthy relationships that were not good.  I highly recommend Kay for turning your home or office into a peaceful positive place!

April Kelsoe

“After reading Kay’s newsletter on Space Clearing, I jumped at the chance to have her do distance clearing on my home.  And what a difference!  After clearing the vortex and various energy forms, I felt so uplifted!  The energy of my home went from a negative 3 to a positive 15!  

Immediately the romance in my life picked up and I felt a new boost to my creativity.  As an artist, creativity is everything.

What Kay did was amazing!  The whole world needs to experience this kind of happiness and energy in their home.”

Katayoon Zandvalkili

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