Want an easy way to lower your stress, improve digestion, balance your hormones, reduce muscle pain, slow down the aging process? 

This article is about how to calm the Vagus Nerve.  

 The Vagus nerve is the 10th longest cranial nerve in the body and it’s the main nerve of the parasympathetic nervous system which is vital for keeping us healthy by regulating our immune systems, controlling stress levels and reducing inflammation.

Think of the Vagus nerve as the trunk of a tree.  This nerve plays into your whole body system.  It has offshoot nerves that branch into the major organs of your body including the stomach, lungs, heart, spleen, intestines, liver and kidneys.

Now more than ever it’s important to lower your inflammation, since COVID-19 is an inflammatory condition.  The actual complications of COVID-19 are from the overproduction of inflammatory proteins.  So it’s important to reduce overall inflammation in your body before you ever get sick.  Calming the Vagus nerve can boost your immune system as well as take down inflammation.

Here are a few Energy Medicine techniques to increase vagal tone:

  • Darth Vader Breath –  Feel this breath in your throat and sound like a Zombie.  (It’s probably not something you want to do in public)
  • Long Slow Exhales –  Simply breathe in to a 4 count.  Breathe out to an 8 count.
  • Hold Nose, Close Mouth, and Push Breath Out (while keeping the air blocked)
  • Humming – Especially effective when you feel the vibration in your head.
  • Listening to music to close out the world – Easy to do anywhere with your iphone and earbuds.
  • The Daily Energy Practice – Helps restore the natural vagal balance and is anti-aging.  If you haven’t already, just download the video from my website:  www.KayMillerSmith.com.  It appears in the pop-up box.  You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel from just a few Energy balancing techniques.
  • Clove essential oil combined with Lime essential oil.  Mix with a carrier oil and apply along the neck under the jaw line.   This will immediately calm that Vagus Nerve.  I like the doterra line of essential oils:


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