Cooking, baking, decorating, holiday cards, looking for that perfect gift for everyone on your list and lots of family time.  Ahh, the holidays.

While we have certain expectations of what it should be and feel the need to live up to that, what’s missing for most of us is any focus on our emotional self-care.  It’s easier to focus on the physical, exercising regularly to lower stress.   Yet the emotional dimension — our thoughts and feelings, even our spirits, are ignored until the drama escalates into an explosive release.

To ignore our emotions is “old-school.”  There’s a reason we have emotions.  Anger, grief, fear — are not necessarily negative.  We need anger to define boundaries.  We need grief to deal with our losses, and fear to protect ourselves from danger.  

Strong emotions that are not processed thoroughly are stored at the cellular level.  This can cause us to feel stuck, repeating the same negative patterns over and over again and wondering why we keep sabotaging ourselves.  Stuck emotions can also lead to “psychosomatic” illnesses.  The definition of psychosomatic is: a physical disorder that is caused by or notably influenced by emotional factors.   I believe 99% of illnesses are psychosomatic.  

So how do we clear our negative emotions and programs?  I’ve tried affirmations.  I’ve also used emotional tapping, where you tap certain meridian points as you talk out your feelings.  Later I found the Emotion Code faster and more efficient.  But I would have to keep clearing the same emotions from time to time.  

Finally I Discovered ThetaHealing.  

ThetaHealing is advanced Energy Healing using a Theta brain wave state.  After being healed of the arthritis in my shoulders with ThetaHealing, I began a new mode of study and am now a fully certified ThetaHealing practitioner.  

With ThetaHealing I can remove negative programs and belief systems and replace them with positive ones from the Creator of All That Is.    Once those old programs are cleared, they’re completely gone .  That’s because they’re not just cleared on the subconscious level.  With Theta, I have the ability to remove programs in the spiritual and genetic levels.  Ancestral beliefs that no longer serve you can be cleared.  

Imagine no longer having your buttons pushed when around certain family members.  And being able to laugh rather than react to the usual things that upset you.  

Or perhaps you struggle with relationships or finding your Soul Mate.  Beliefs and attitudes in your subconscious could be holding you back.  With ThetaHealing, you can let go of old patterns that keep you stuck and start creating the life you want.

Releasing old beliefs and emotions can also clear up pains and conditions in the body, like it did with me.   MRI reports showed severe arthritis in both my shoulders.  Getting down to the bottom emotion and clearing it finally released the pain I had been holding onto for so long.

If you’re ready to get out of ‘Survival mode’ and start thriving, now is the time to sign up for a ThetaHealing session with me.  Get off to a clean start for 2021. 

“Immediately after our session, I hardly felt any pain in my arm that had been bothering me for 2 weeks.  Two days later, all pain was completely gone!  Emotionally, I feel so much happier because I had release and relief of a burden that was zapping my energy.  Thank you so much!  I look forward to our next session to continue this spiritual and soul-care work.  Thank you so much!”

Carole G.

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