The fascia system is something we hear a lot about these days.  If you feel stiff or tight, it’s related to tight fascia.  We used to think simply stretching the muscle was the key to being limber.  But now we know if the surrounding fascia is bound up, it’s like choking the muscle when you try to stretch. As a pilates instructor, we focus on lengthening the muscle.  However, I notice some clients are literally in pain trying to get into a lengthened position.  It doesn’t help that most of us sit in collapsed postures at our computers or simply hunched over our cell phones.  Bad posture day in and day out leads to bunched up fascia that gets stuck and restricted.  So the first key to ending chronic pain is to simply sit or stand up straight.

There are different ways to work on the fascia system.  I’ve done Essential Somatics where we focus on relaxing the muscular system, which also relaxes the fascia.  I’ve done Zenga, the pilates version of releasing the fascia that lies between the skin and muscle.  And while both of these gave me more flexibility, I still had some really deep pressure points in areas that would not budge.

Then I discovered Block Therapy.   Using a bamboo block, we actually release adhesions all the way down to the bone.  The freedom of movement that results is amazing!  I’m even making changes in my scoliosis!



This “After” picture was done after just 21 sessions of blocking. I even   took a week off half way through the program,  and I still got results.  I’m excited to see even more changes in the months to come. 

In today’s fast paced world, people are getting older at a younger age.  Block Therapy allows you to empower your body to thrive, rather than just survive.  I encourage you to give it a try for yourself with a 14 day free trial.

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